lundi 12 février 2007

JOHNNY HAZZARD's musical side

For my first music review in english, I've chosen to link you to an artist usually working in the adult films industry and who is a STAR there.

It's not that he is my usual type of guy - he has way too much tatoos on him to my tastes - it's just that when he is in a scene, whatever role he plays, top or bottom (he is versatile you see), he takes you away with him and you can only focus on him, his smile, his seducing eyes, his animality when he's making love for the cameras. That's it! He's not just fucking for money like some east european actors do, mecanically, without giving anything... He feels what he acts! He gives and he takes and every actor that has been involved in a porn scene with him must agree with that!

Johnny Hazzard (that's him I was talking about, you must have guessed now) turns to music now. Well, I doubt he thinks he can have a real career there, it's just that he loves to dance, party all night and feedback from fans to his YouTube videos where he danced to a BlackFras tune led him to please himself and ourselves at the same time...

So Johnny has just released on download legal platforms his first single. It's called "Deeper into you", it's as sexy as he is in his films, it's housy, it's bouncy, and you can't help but want to press the replay button after having listened to it once.
It's no big deal saying his music follows the step he took on films. It would have been the ideal soundtrack for one of Johnny's latest films, "Bolt", directed by ChiChi LaRue. There are metallic sounds, hypnotic loops, and the song wouldn't have sounded out of place in QAF's Club Babylon either. His whispering sexy voice and the meanings of the lyrics will make any gay man want to be the person he's singing to so come on guys, click to iTunes and buy youself 4'10 of music you ought to listen to the next time you're watchin' a Johnny Hazzard film!

If you want to judge by yourself, I can give you the link to an extract of the song on his personal (and non-sexual) blog : and you can either search for his videos on YouTube.
The video for "Deeper into you" has been filmed by ChiChi LaRue and he's sexy as always but in this scene, Johnny keeps (nearly) all his clothes on! And that's the first time in a ChiChi film .

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