samedi 22 mars 2008

BWO’s Single Collection "Pandemonium"

I guess I didn’t feel the need to post a new article on my music blog since last month because there wasn’t a single release that made me feel excited enough to do it.
Once more swedish popsters Bodies Without Organs have made my will come alive again : after three studio albums ["Prototype" (2005), "Halcyon Days" (2006), "Fabricator" (2007)] and a remix CD ["Hacyon Nights" (2006)], they’re about to release a Greatest Hits CD on 09/04/08 called "Pandemonium, The Singles Collection".
The tracklisting, although incomplete, looks promising :
01 The Bells Of Freedom 3:25 *
02 Lay Your Love On Me 2:59 *
03 Barcelona 3:45 *
04 Sunshine In The Rain 3:30
05 Give Me The Night 3:09
06 Chariots Of Fire 4:09
07 Open Door 3:29
08 Gomenasai 3:27
09 Sixteen Tons Of Hardware 3:30
10 Will My Arms Be Strong Enough 4:16
11 We Should Be Dancing 3:34
12 Temple Of Love 3:25
13 Living In A Fantasy 3:39
14 We Could Be Heroes 4:24
15 Voodoo Magic 3:41
16 Let It Rain 3:30
17 Conquering America 3:20
18 The Destiny Of Love 3:50
(* new unreleased material)
It naturally includes their brand new single Lay your love on me, their 2008 entry in the swedish MelodiFestivalen, the annual music competition for Eurovision, as well as two other new songs Barcelona (reported not to be a Freddy Mercury cover song) & The bells of Freedom.
I feel the whole tracklisting strange though as it includes two album tracks from their latest album "Fabricator", Gomenasai & We should be dancing, that haven’t been released as singles (yet) and it does NOT include 3 of their best singles : Gone,
Save my Pride & Rhythm drives me crazy.
You can bet this CD will get additional bonus tracks to its digital version on my own MP3 player .

The only bad news is that it makes me fear of a group split after this release. It is often the case after a "Best of" release, but not always, see recent Sugababes or Girls Aloud compilation CDs followed by a new studio album... I really hope BWO are still here to stay for long as the association of pop guru Alexander Bard, electro goddess Martina Schiptjenko and former realTV popstar Martin Rolinski is breathtaking with each new release, musically as well as visually : They’re POP at its best!

As always for my swedish pop, is gonna be my perfect CD supplier.