samedi 22 septembre 2007

Kylie Minogue’s future comeback single

2007 is gonna see Kylie Minogue come back on the radio, TV screens & CD shops.
First, she's gonna release a brand new single called 2 Hearts on November, 12th. It is written/produced by electro team Kish Mauve and the cover looks incredible!
Then, she's gonna appear along Celine Dion in the new Star Academy french TV show and that will surely help her tenth album, tentatively called X, rush to the top of our charts by the end of November.

Back in studio after her years of battling her breast cancer, she's rumoured to have been working with (usual partner) Richard Stannard, "huge in demand after Beyoncé's hitsingles" remixers Freemasons, Cutfather & Joe, Bloodshy & Avant, Calvin Harris, Boy George, Pet Shop Boys (again), Greg Kurstin, Eg White, Guy Chambers, Mylo and (always) Cathy Dennis.
I bet Steve Anderson will still be on board too, as he has always been since her departure from PWL Studios in the 90's.

Tracks that could appear on X have leaked : Excuse my french, I am ready, Mood for love, Spell of desire (both of which are available for download from Mylo's MySpace page, When the cat's away, Fall for you, Stars, Sensitized, Lose control, In my arms... have just posted an "official" tracklisting and some of these looks like they will still be featured on the CD :

01/ 2 Hearts
(Kish Mauve) Produced by Kish Mauve
02/ Like A Drug
(Mich Hedin Hansen / Jonas Jeberg / Engelina Andrina Larsen / Adam Powers) Produced by Cutfather & Jonas Jeberg
03/ In My Arms
Kylie Minogue / Adam Wiles / Richard Stannard / Paul Harris / Julian Peake) Produced by Richard 'Biff' Stannard
04/ Speakerphone
(Christian Karlsson / Pontus Winnberg/ Henrik Jonback / Klas Ahlund) Produced by Bloodshy & Avant
05/ Sensitized
(Guy Chambers / Cathy Dennis / Serge Gainsbourg) Produced by Guy Chambers & Cathy Dennis
06/ Heart Beat Rock
Kylie Minogue / Karen Poole / Adam Wiles) Produced by Calvin Harris
07/ The One
Kylie Minogue / Richard Stannard / James Wiltshire / Russell Small / John Andersson / Johan Emmoth / Emma Holmgren) Produced by Richard Stannard & Freemasons
08/ No More Rain
Kylie Minogue / Christian Karlsson / Pontus Winnberg / Jonas Quant / Karen Poole) Produced by Greg Kurstin
09/ All I See
Jonas Jeberg / Mich Hedin Hansen / Serano) Produced by Cutfather & Jonas Jeberg
10/ Stars
(Kylie Minogue / Richard Stannard / Paul Harris / Julian Peake) Produced by Richard 'Biff' Stannard
11/ Wow
(Kylie Minogue / Karen Poole / Greg Kurstin) Produced by Greg Kurstin
12/ Nu-Di-Ty
(Christian Karlsson / Pontus Winnberg / Karen Poole) Produced by Bloodshy & Avant
13/ Cosmic
(Kylie Minogue / Eg White) Produced by Eg White

As always with each forthcoming Kylie album release, maybe only a couple of these should make the final cut but I bet we're in for an electro-pop masterpiece and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

And as a taster to her new sound, Kylie's just been featured on Just Jack US album release, adding her vocals on I talk too much, a solo track on the UK version of the album. Nothing really to rave about but still good enough to make us wait till November...

lundi 10 septembre 2007

Celine Dion’s taking new chances in 2007!

Yes, Celine Dion is finally coming to the end of her Las vegas show contract so she's coming back on the international music planet with a brand new english album, Taking Chances, which has to take international charts by storm if she wants to take her crown of worldwide middle of the road pop diva back...
From her brand new hairdo, storm alert's already been there...
She looks purely ridiculous like this... You can't be Tina Turner anytime poor lil' Celinn'! And you look so severe it could be her statue from Tussault that's been photoshopped here.
And isn't there some little bit of a breast (!!!) we can glance here ? Beware of Janet Jackson's showoff, miss Renée... OK, there's more Jane Birkin than Pamela Anderson in here but that could be shocking these conservative middle-aged female CD buyers of yours and then there will only be gay hardcore fans to buy Taking Chances.
The songs are better be good 'cos your latest albums were all a bit lame since Falling into you... You need to call some house remixers back on board to boost your balladery back in the clubs, as well as Diane Warren's romantic songwriting to put emotions back in your voice.
If only... (sigh!)

Come what may... The songs are all recorded so I guess I just have to wait until the day of release and... rush to my supermarket and buy it straight away to check! And even if the songs are not what I'd have been dreaming of, there will always be your voice... I just hope you haven't followed Whitney & Mariah's road to HipHop/R&B nonsense! I like my mainstream diva to stay in her ballad/pop highway, it's better then remixed .

Here is the (tentative) tracklisting :
1. Taking Chances
2. Alone (a Heart cover)
3. Shadow of Love
4. A Song for You
5. This Time
6. Surprise, Surprise
7. Can't fight the Feeling
8. Let Me Be Your Soldier
9. Eyes on Me
10. My Love
11. World to Believe in
12. Right Next to the Right One
13. Just Fade Away
14. That's Just the Woman in Me

To promote it in France, we all know now she will be mentor along with Kylie Minogue of the new Star Academy but as, by the end of the year, we should expect some strong awaited new albums by Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Sugababes, Girls Aloud, Alicia Keys, BWO, Kristine W, Madonna, Whitney Houston..., the race is gonna be tough in the album charts!

dimanche 9 septembre 2007

Love To Infinity : 15 years of Classic Paradise

Thankful to one of my favourite pop blog, I have learned on this anniversary day of mine that one of my beloved production/remix team will be celebrating this year their 15 years in the music industry by relaunching their career with none other than one of the most underrated diva in the UK : Kelly Llorenna is Love To Infinity's new vocalist.
And they're coming back with a new recorded version of their 1995 anthem "Keep love together"!

First, who are Love To Infinity ?
I can't believe one dares to ask this question... It is the UK most talented and successful remix team on the commercial uplifting house & dance/trance sides of the club planet!
Want some proof?
Easier than ABC : I just got to list worldwide artists who've chosen to place their hits in Andy & Pete Lee's hands :
3SL, 911, 98°, Abbacadabra, Ace Of Base, Adeva, Alizée, All Saints, Alsou, Anastacia, Anna Vissi, Aqua, Aretha Franklin, Ashanti, Ashley Jade, Atomic Kitten, Aurora, Baby D, Bananarama, Barbra Streisand, Beyoncé Knowles, Black Box, Boxcar, Boyzone, Canto, Carole Laure, Cartoons, Celine Dion, Cher, Cheryl Lynn, Christina Aguilera, CoCo Lee, Code Red, D:ream, Damage, Daytona, Deja Vu, DeLacy, Delta Goodrem, Desoto, DeVox, Diana King, Diana Ross, DJ Bobo, Double Exposure, Easy Street, Emilia, Erasure, Espresso, Esprit, Eurogroove, Faith Hill, First Choice feat. Rochelle Fleming, George Michael, Georgie Porgie, Gifted feat. Denise Gordon, Gina G, Gloria Estefan, Gloria Gaynor, Gloworm, Grace Jones, Hannah Jones, Harlan, Hear'Say, Honeyz, Ilene Barnes, Indigo, Jacksons 5, Jaki Graham, Janet Jackson, Javine, Jennifer Holliday, Jessica Simpson, Jo Breezer, Joose, Judy Cheeks, Kahal & Kahal, Karaja, KD Lang, Kenny Thomas, Kerri-Ann, Kuva feat. Beverly Skeete, Kym Sims, Las Ketchup, LeAnn Rimes, LFO, Lighthouse Family, Lightning Seeds, Lisa Scott-Lee, Loleatta Holloway, Louise, LoveHappy, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Mary Griffin, Maryanna Matiss, Masai, Matt Goss, Matthew Marsden, Melanie Williams, Michael Jackson, Michelle Lawson, MN8, Mozaic, Music Relief, MyTown, Nassa feat. Charlotte Day, Nootropic feat. Ruth Campbell, Pasadenas, Patricia Kaas, Pet Shop Boys, Phil Bailey, Puff Johnson, Pulp, Rachel Stevens, R.D.A., Reba McEntire, Re-Joice, Robbie Williams, Rockmelons, Roger, Rosie Ribbons, Rowetta, Rozalla, Sacred Spirit, Sarah Washington, Sarah Whatmore, Sean Maguire, Shania Twain, She Moves, Simply Red, Sirens, S'N'G, Soko, Spandau Ballet, Stephen Gately, Stereopol feat. Nevada Cato, Steve Balsamo, Strict Instructor, Sub Sub, Sunshine Anderson, Supersister, Sweet Mercy, Sybil, Tabu feat. Mitzi B, Tak Tix, Take That, Taylor Dayne, Texas, The Full Monthy All Stars feat. TJ Davis, The Other Two, The Similou, The Who, Thunderbugs, Tina Arena, Tony Di Bart, Tyson, Undercover, Urban Cookie Collective, Vittesse, Whitney Houston, Will Smith, Willa Ford, Workin' Happily feat. Melanie Murial, Zomkiat... The list is endless!

Truth is that under their different aliases, Love To Infinity, then Soda Club and M*A*S*H, the Lee Brothers (the family includes Dave "Mr. Joey Negro" too) have been since 1992 always in demand remixers. They have released several self-made club hits too :
First, "Keep love together", "Pray for love", "Someday" & "No apology" from 1995 to 1998 under the Love To Infinity artist name and along with Louise Bailey then Loleatta Holloway as vocalists, plus a japanese double CD release named after their trademark remix theme "Classic Paradise".

Then, back in 2002 till 2004 under new alias Soda Club, "Take my breath away", "Heaven is a place on earth", "Keep love together" (again), "Venus", and "Ain't no love, ain't no use", with blondies Hannah Alethea, Andrea Anatola & Ashley Jade, as well as releasing a whole new album "Anthem Alert" featuring more vocal talents by Gina G (of Eurovision famous "Ooh aah... Just a little bit")and Charlotte Day (which was featured on the Love To infinity comeback single of 2005, CeCe Peniston's cover version "Finally").

From the beginning, as the remix team labelled LTI to new concept Soda Club (more trancey) and then M*A*S*H, or as self-artist, they have never deceived me (except for one or two less dance-able, more R&B remixes for Will Smith, Michael Jackson & Gloria Estefan) and I've always followed them with passion, collecting the singles that featured their remixes!

Here would be my Top10 Remix tunes of them :
01 Diana King "I say a little prayer (LTI classic radio edit)"
02 Gloria Estefan "Everlasting love (LTI Classic Paradise radio mix)"
03 Judy Cheeks "As long as you're good to me (LTI original production)"
04 Lisa Scott-Lee "Lately (Soda Club radio mix)"

05 M*A*S*H feat. Stacy D "I touch myself (LTI radio mix)" (before High Street Honeys covered this 1991 Divinyl song to 34 in the UK charts of 2007)
06 Sybil "When I'm good and ready (LTI stratoradio mix)" (their remix even topped the original Stock & Waterman production and that comes from a die-hard Stock/Aitken/Waterman fan!)
07 Atomic Kitten "Someone like me (Soda Club radio edit)"
08 Kenny Thomas "When I think of you (LTI radio edit)"
09 Puff Johnson "Over and over (LTI stratomaster radio edit)"
10 Supersister "Summer gonna come again (LTI radio edit)"

So now they're back!
And their latest vocalist is none other than ex N-Trance "Set you free" diva, Kelly Llorenna.

Times have been hard for Kelly since she charted high worldwide along her mates of N-Trance with hits like "Set you free", "D.I.S.C.O.", "Forever"... She decided to go solo in 2002 (with help from AATW label mates Flip & Fill) and rocketed to 7 with "True love never dies" then the 9 Taylor Dayne's cover "Tell it to my heart" followed by "Heart of Gold" (19), her album "All clubbed up" and Donna Summer's SAW anthem "This time I know it's for real" (14) in 2004.

Then things got worse when less dance but instant pop hit "Nobody like you" didn't get released and then her fabulous rendition of the METRO written Lara Fabian's song "I will love again" only got to 105...

But now she had re-recorded with Love To Infinity their all-time classic "Keep love together" as well as a cover of 1995 Joe T.Vannelli "Sweetest day of May" in pure LTI classic paradise style and an album is on the way!
Put your hands up in the air, clap your hands in rhythm and move your feet to the rhythm of the Love To Infinity beat!
THEY'RE BACK!! ...and I'm in cheese heaven .
They were along with Loveland my favourite Handbag/commercial house act of 1994/1995 and I miss this kind of refreshing happy sing-along party house numbers you can't help but sing along to while nodding your head in rhythm.

If you want to listen to their brand new tunes, get yourself here :
or here :
and if you want to know more on them, check these fan sites (that haven't been updated for some while but that is worth checkin' out anyway) :

Vous avez dit 35?

Aujourd'hui, 9 Septembre, je me suis réveillé plus vieux...
Heureusement, après tout un été passé sous le règne musical de Rihanna et de son umbrella, le ciel était loin d'être pluvieux.
35 ans déjà me disent les papiers officiels...
35 ans déjà?
Sûrement pas!
Dans ma tête, je me sens toujours ado...
Un peu plus, d'accord, lorsque je suis au boulot,
Mais depuis longtemps déjà, mon compteur est bloqué sur 25 et ça me va
Il paraît même que les 35, je ne les fais pas!
Alors quoi!?
Rendez-vous dans quelques années...
Déjà que 35, c'est de 70 la moitié,
Je me demande ce que mon trouillomètre dira
Lorsque la quarantaine approchera...
A moins que d'ici là,
Une épaule soit venue se joindre contre moi...
A deux, les bougies se soufflent plus facilement!
Mais en attendant...
Les candidatures sont ouvertes!
Visez ma boîte aux lettres...
Et vite car attention!
Jai peur de ma date de péremption...