jeudi 22 octobre 2009

Aden & Jordan Jaric don't Hit it up !

The first new release that fits in this blogpost's theme is Hit me up, first single by the Falcon studios pornstar exclusives, real-life couple Aden & Jordan Jaric. Fronted as "The Jarics", this new musical duo owes a big thank you to our foxy lady RuPaul for introducing them to studio wizards. "You want it?" asks a manly voice to introduce this piece of electro/dance but I must admit that, whatever the sex-appeal the boys truly have on video or pictures together, this song does nothing to me... The chorus is very repetitive and quite irritating while the vocals must have been rushed up in an hour or so. The verses are okay but the whole is a little too bland compared to the high level of their previous porn-to-music-stars. If this first single is what they can do best for popmusic, I'd say "stick to porn guys!" They put a lot more passion in their body actions than in their vocals parts...

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