mercredi 9 octobre 2013

My Top Albums Of All Times...

Updating my iPods while being on holiday, I wanted to post about the albums that have never (and are likely to never will) leave my playlists...
Some are old, others less, some are missing but it is only because, as a whole album, I didn't feel like listening to them everytime, even though they had some strong singles inside.
Do you own some of them ? Do you miss some and like all the others ? Go find the ones you're missing asap because if so, you're missing a thing you'll surely like ! :)




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  1. Wow, what a selection ! Where do I begin ?

    Well, my sister was crazy about « Crucified » so of course I know of Army Of Lovers. From the album « Massive Luxury Overdose » I liked « Supernatural », « Candyman Messiah » with its little melody that reminds me of « World In My Eyes » from Depeche Mode and « We Stand United » where the singer sounds a lot like Pete Burns as I’m a Dead Or Alive fan as well.

    It’s funny you mention all these albums that I fell in love with as well. My favourites albums ever in this world are : « Nude » by Dead Or Alive, « Fearless » by Eighth Wonder, « Into A Secret Land » by Sandra, « Rhythm Of Love » by Kylie, « Actually » by the Pet Shop Boys and « Move To This » by Cathy Dennis : these albums are all great from start to finish and that’s very unusual I think.

    I also love « Very » by PSB, « Like A Prayer » by Madonna, « Ainsi Soit-je… » by Mylène Farmer, « Light Years » and « Fever » by Kylie, and of course « Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know » by DOA but I don’t think they are as strong as the other ones I mentionned earlier because there is always one or two tracks that ruined the whole listening experience in these records, to me that is (like « Liberation », « Act Of Contrition », « The Farmer’s Conclusion », « Koocachoo », « More More More » or « I Want You »).

    1. so much things in common... we must be musical twins ?

    2. Musical twins, yeah, that's an interresting concept. I agree. ;)

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