samedi 22 septembre 2007

Kylie Minogue’s future comeback single

2007 is gonna see Kylie Minogue come back on the radio, TV screens & CD shops.
First, she's gonna release a brand new single called 2 Hearts on November, 12th. It is written/produced by electro team Kish Mauve and the cover looks incredible!
Then, she's gonna appear along Celine Dion in the new Star Academy french TV show and that will surely help her tenth album, tentatively called X, rush to the top of our charts by the end of November.

Back in studio after her years of battling her breast cancer, she's rumoured to have been working with (usual partner) Richard Stannard, "huge in demand after Beyoncé's hitsingles" remixers Freemasons, Cutfather & Joe, Bloodshy & Avant, Calvin Harris, Boy George, Pet Shop Boys (again), Greg Kurstin, Eg White, Guy Chambers, Mylo and (always) Cathy Dennis.
I bet Steve Anderson will still be on board too, as he has always been since her departure from PWL Studios in the 90's.

Tracks that could appear on X have leaked : Excuse my french, I am ready, Mood for love, Spell of desire (both of which are available for download from Mylo's MySpace page, When the cat's away, Fall for you, Stars, Sensitized, Lose control, In my arms... have just posted an "official" tracklisting and some of these looks like they will still be featured on the CD :

01/ 2 Hearts
(Kish Mauve) Produced by Kish Mauve
02/ Like A Drug
(Mich Hedin Hansen / Jonas Jeberg / Engelina Andrina Larsen / Adam Powers) Produced by Cutfather & Jonas Jeberg
03/ In My Arms
Kylie Minogue / Adam Wiles / Richard Stannard / Paul Harris / Julian Peake) Produced by Richard 'Biff' Stannard
04/ Speakerphone
(Christian Karlsson / Pontus Winnberg/ Henrik Jonback / Klas Ahlund) Produced by Bloodshy & Avant
05/ Sensitized
(Guy Chambers / Cathy Dennis / Serge Gainsbourg) Produced by Guy Chambers & Cathy Dennis
06/ Heart Beat Rock
Kylie Minogue / Karen Poole / Adam Wiles) Produced by Calvin Harris
07/ The One
Kylie Minogue / Richard Stannard / James Wiltshire / Russell Small / John Andersson / Johan Emmoth / Emma Holmgren) Produced by Richard Stannard & Freemasons
08/ No More Rain
Kylie Minogue / Christian Karlsson / Pontus Winnberg / Jonas Quant / Karen Poole) Produced by Greg Kurstin
09/ All I See
Jonas Jeberg / Mich Hedin Hansen / Serano) Produced by Cutfather & Jonas Jeberg
10/ Stars
(Kylie Minogue / Richard Stannard / Paul Harris / Julian Peake) Produced by Richard 'Biff' Stannard
11/ Wow
(Kylie Minogue / Karen Poole / Greg Kurstin) Produced by Greg Kurstin
12/ Nu-Di-Ty
(Christian Karlsson / Pontus Winnberg / Karen Poole) Produced by Bloodshy & Avant
13/ Cosmic
(Kylie Minogue / Eg White) Produced by Eg White

As always with each forthcoming Kylie album release, maybe only a couple of these should make the final cut but I bet we're in for an electro-pop masterpiece and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

And as a taster to her new sound, Kylie's just been featured on Just Jack US album release, adding her vocals on I talk too much, a solo track on the UK version of the album. Nothing really to rave about but still good enough to make us wait till November...

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