samedi 30 juin 2007

David Guetta's third studio offering : POP LIFE

After 2002 Just A Little More Love and 2004 Guetta Blaster, David Guetta released on 18th of June his third album Pop Life and I naturally added this nice piece of electro pop dance to my CDtheque.

Not that I liked all tracks from his previous releases, I have always been mixed up between high standards like Just a little more love, Love don't let me go, You, Give me something, People come people go, Money, Stay, Get up, Time, and less poppy tracks like Distortion, Atomic food or Last train but as you see there has always been enough (and more) good songs to win in my heart against the other ones...
This time I ain't disappointed at all!
David Guetta and his partner in crime Joachim Garraud deliver good electro in pure pop format, what is to say for me songs that do not last over 4'30, are radio friendly, and with bonus cuts, this album extend to 16 tracks !

Once again, favourite vocalist Chris Willis is back on board and for the better, for 8 tracks, just half of the album. He's lead on the new single Love is gone, that is featured in its original edit version and in the radio remix, by Fred Rister & Joachim Garraud. His other performances are ALL great and I wish this man could have his own moment of glory with a full album under his name very soon... Check Everytime we touch, Tomorrow can wait, Don't be afraid & Take me away. The 7th song is the original version of his Ghostbuster's sampled radio mix (Never take away) My Freedom and the 8th the The Egg confrontation on Love don't let me go (Walking away).

From 2nd album has stayed other vocalist JD Davis who, this time, still sounds like Dave Gahan on Winner of the game but like Roland Orzabal on future single potential Always. His last collaboration This is not a love song has his voice so filtered that it's awful and maybe the only track of the album I skip each time!

But David invited new team mates too and what a team!
Ex pop star & now awarded worldwide hits songwriter Cathy Dennis wrote the lyrics to the first track and for sure next single Baby when the light, which features unknown vocalist Cozi on a production collaboration with swedish star Steve Angello. This one teams up with David & Joachim again and with fellow Sebastian Ingrooso on Everytime we touch and it looks like Ibiza's F**ck Me I'm Famous! star David Guetta is now a big name enough around the planet to get their partnership on a record... Fine for him and for our ears too.
Tocadisco, whose remix version was the radio one for The Egg single, is their partner on Tomorrow can wait and it sounds just like the previous hit...
Another unknown Thailand sings on the very Benassi influenced trashy electro cut Joan of Arc which closes the tracklisting at #12 before the bonus and Avalon's Juliet offered her vocal on the angry & repetitive Do something love. But it's from the other female vocalist invited, Tara Mc Donald, that comes the latest jewels : Delirious (a sure hit single again!) & You're not alone... There ain't no skipping on these ones!

So to conclude this new offering from Mr Guetta, there are still sounds that made him famous with his first hits but he has added the latest ones that got him back high in the charts a la Tocadisco and when some will say it's auto plagia, I'd say it's just declension : David is offering us what he is made of today and it appeals to me a lot.
I have to add to that that I can't thank him enough not to make albums full of epic 7' and over tracks that bore before gettin' to your heart like other DJ star release. The extended & remix versions are reserved for the club/CDmaxis and I like that!

A last word to say that Mr Jean-Baptiste Mondino himself shot the cover & booklet photos and Mr Guetta must have felt praised cos the booklet is nearly only made of that... lyrics would have been fine too!

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