mercredi 19 août 2009

new Kylie-esque single "Soundwaves" by french bimbo Angie Be

Just a quickie for tonight...

I've just fallen under the magic spell of Soundwaves, a disco-housed dance/pop number that could have been recorded a couple of years ago by La Minogue in her Fever era except it's a brand new digital AND physical single by a french bimbo named Angie Be (think Lene Alexander meets Victoria Silvstedt on Lolo Ferrari's grave... or try to watch her video below via the youtube monitor) who gets attention this summer in France by being in the cast of a post Big Brother french TV program aired every day on TF1 channel.

That wouldn't have attracted my attention if the buzz created around her and the release of this single that she recorded before her entrance in the camera house hadn't generated comments about the Kylie-esque sound of the music she was making...
And I must admit I love it to death : I mean, I downloaded all the versions on iTunes last weekend but while shopping around yesterday, get caught by the physical CDsingle at my local supermarket and bought it again, taking excuse of one additional mix on the physical release...

Here is the tracklisting :
01/Soundwaves (original radio edit) 3:38
The original version sounds to me like a cross between Lisa Scott-Lee, Kylie & Rachel Stevens
02/Soundwaves (Boyztronik radio edit) 3:41
This mix sounds very much in the french electro tektonik vibe a la Mondotek
03/Soundwaves (N'R'Gee radio edit) 3:21
This one's got an etheral intro inspired by Guetta's When love takes over before gettin' into a ragin' full techno-dance rhythm
04/Soundwaves (RLS disco radio mix) 3:23
Here we get a full disco house treatment and it sounds like 7th Heaven at their best !
05/Soundwaves (PF Pumping radio edit) 3:53
More bangin' dance-core sounds for this one, but still not boring...
06/Soundwaves (David Coroner edit mix) 3:14
This one starts very syncopated and builds up into an all blip-blip electro-fied techno jam, the one I didn't bought digital and definitely not the best of the bunch !!
07/Soundwaves (acoustic piano) 3:39
The CD ends with a surprising acoustic "candlelight version" like some dance acts know how to do it and it works very well : my heart's melting : I've found a new diva .

So you can bet now I 've proven this CD is really worth it. Club lovers will regret full length mixes' non-presence but for the radio edits addict that I am, a tracklisting like this is pure perfection.

I can only hope now she's really gonna get a hit here and elsewhere (Sweden/Japan calling!!!) with her Soundwaves and that her record Company (Universal) will make enough money off her to let her record more tunes in that style and release a full album CD of her before Christmas.
For once, we ain't gettin' rubbish Rap/R&B stuff... !

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