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When the Adult entertainment leads to the US Dance Music Scene...

One of my first post here in 2006 was about Johnny Hazzard’s first (and only to date) single, Deeper into you. (click here for full flashback post). He was the first gay porn actor I knew of that tried to translate his music love into club recording success. But he wasn’t the first, nor the last. Other usually shirtless gorgeous men tried to crossover behind the mic, with more or less success. Recent news gave me the need to display some of them for you here.

First, let’s stay with our tattooed latin jock whose sensual Deeper into you has been remixed by Californian remixer Scott Anderson for a Solar City remix that is available for download via iTunes for example. His remix has electro-ified the initial hypnotic and given it more rhythm, perfect for the US dance Circuit.

Talking about Solar City makes me zap on the muscled sugar daddy-like dreamGod Colton Ford, whose videos are displayed on my MySpace profile page. In fact, real named Glenn Soukesian started his career in the music bizz, being nearly hired as lead vocalist on Frankie Knuckles’s second artist album in 1995 but being evicted by Virgin Records in favour of a black sounding and looking vocalist (Adeva) on Welcome To The Real World. He then quickly became a versatile pornstar to count on with several top studios’ hit videos before leaving the adult industry with boyfriend Blake Harper, another big US pornstar, being filmed in Naked Fame, a documentary by Christopher Long about his transition from porn to music. Solar City’s producer was in charge of the soundtrack, that featured divas Pepper Mashay, Erin Hamilton, Debby Holiday or Samantha Fox, and Colton worked with him for two singles. First was his solo effort Everything, a speeded up dance/house number where Colton’s sexy and soulful voice first got to our ears. But the real hit was the cover version of Stevie Wonder, Signed, sealed, delivered (I’m yours) he recorded as a duet with Pepper Mashay. Released on Centaur Music with remixers Al B.Rich, Mac Quayle & Ralphi Rosario, their raunchy club/house version was a Billboard Top ten hit in 2004.

He then worked with several producers but nothing was released and it’s a shame as there was top tunes sampled on his sofficial site with Hani or Hex Hector if I remember well… Instead, he turned to house producer Quentin Harris, with who he worked on his first album. Two of the songs they recorded for it were first released on Quentin Harris’ own 2006 album No politics. They were Gotta do and Love has found a way. Colton’s voice was very sultry all surrounded by delicate and warm quality but less commercial production. But they were only tasters for the real thing, Tug of war, released first digitally then physically the following year, and introduced by first single The way you love me. The single featured remixes by Craig C. or Richard Morel. Other singles followed, That’s me or Tug of war (My heart won’t let go), as well as a cover version of Alicia Keys’ No one, but none really cracked the mainstream charts, although Colton Ford had his success in the underground gay club scene for sure, being recognized for being a real talented performer. At the same time, he became a regular actor in the gay TV series The Lair for Here!
Now's the time for the big breakthrough though. His second album Under the covers is ready to be released next week and it should set the world on fire : Music sounds better with you, a cover of french house-makers Stardust, and Trouble, a Britney Spears song, have been digitally released first but now it is an electro/dance remake of the R.E.M. worldwide hit Losing my religion that is the official first single off a concept album that is, you could have guessed by its title, a collection of re-interpretations of songs Colton particularly cherishes. Included are Robyn's recent hit With every heartbeat, Robin S cult-song Show me love, and covers of Nirvana, Sade, Babyface, Fleetwood Mac or Faith No More. That sounds exciting and, just like its title suggests, I can't wait to get under the covers and discover what's in store...

But Colton’s not the only Ford ex-pornstar dance artist in the US. There is Fredrick ! Formerly a dancer in gay clubs, Fredrick Ford decided to get himself a name in porn (with Michael Lucas Entertainment I recall) before to try to get some success with his music releases. And he started with a bang in 2005 with a remake of George Michael’s Too funky which was supported by a gorgeous video clip and a bangin’ Giuseppe D production and remixes by Georgie Porgie, Friscia & Lamboy and Chris Brophy. He recorded a EP CD that can still be purchased via his site here on which he wrote or co-wrote and co-produced all other 6 tracks. A new single, Turn my world around (I found the one) he wrote with Georgie Porgie, followed with great success. A beautiful Giuseppe D ‘candlelight‘ acoustic ballad version was included with Mike Cruz, Josh Harris & TNT remixes as well as Georgie’s original mixes. Fredrick’s voice improved a lot on this one and with each new release he betters. Out of the dark in 2008, and now Life of the party in 2009, still with Georgie Porgie and Josh Harris amongst others, are top club tunes, made to make us sweat and dance all night shirtless. I really hope a full lenghth album release will soon see the light of day because his actual material is a lot more appealing than the first Dirty little secrets EP I bought on line (and like though!).

Then comes the latest porn-to-music star, cute ass Mediterranean charmer Dean Monroe. Successful for his bottom skills, he has recently released his first single Closer to you on iTunes (or physically via his site) and at nearly 5’ it’s a pure moment of bliss. Starting slowly, it soon increases the rhythm with what sounds like a Van Halen’s Jump sample loop and atmospherical layers of synthés surrounding his gentle & sensual voices on verses, before an anthemic chorus takes the lead. With this track, we’re more on the European dance music sound, electronic and 80’s inspired, when previous artists were full-on US dance performers. Closer to you is definitely a grower and the more you listen to it, the more it warms you up in a sonic embrace. Dean Monroe’s single sounds fresh and retro at the same time, and as he wrote and produced it by himself, I think I’m gonna follow what’s more to come.

I invite you to follow these men’s musical (and pornographical if that’s your tastes) work to check by yourself and if you know some more, tell me in the comments, except I don’t want to hear about Jeff Stryker’s country music efforts…

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  1. Porn stars and music - two of my favourite things !

    I love the Dean Monroe song. Did he ever make any more songs ??
    The Johnny Hazzard song was pretty good too.

    Big fan of Colton Ford, especially the Under the Covers cd.

    I've not heard of Fredrick Ford,so will check him out.
    I didn't know that 'the' Jeff Stryker was a singer (or was that a joke that went over my head ? I must go see what I can find)!