vendredi 6 février 2009

Set your body free with swedish boy Danny Saucedo

With his second solo album (and third in all) stuck in my multi-CD player since I got it from my favourite swedish music-online retailer last weekend, I was feeling it was hightime to post about Danny Saucedo's music.

Danny gained the swedish public's attention while being one of the finalist on TV show Idols 2006 (Nouvelle Star in France). He didn't win but got a music contract with Sony/BMG and released his first single, the piano-driven eurodance number one Tokyo. His album Heart Beats followed with next single Play it for the girls, both number one in the swedish charts either. While lots of ex-Idols go middle of the road musically, Danny chose dance music and with success. His first album was a package full of quality tunes, including work from 2N Production team or September's producer to name a few, from the melodic orchestral/trancy I'll be over you, to the single potential Only wanna be with you, energetic dance-pop numbers Doe or die, Blue, Hey (I've been feeling kind of lonely) or the disco inspired Pure delight. The secret treasure was the third single Danny re-recorded into a duet with swedish diva Therese, If only you, which "only" reached #4, although the instant melody and melancholic piano overtune made it an instant hit.

Following that success, Danny didn't start working on a new album but instead joined forces with two other ex-Idols to tour Sweden and release a new album as a boysband ; E.M.D. was born : E was for Erik Segerstedt, M for Mattias Andréasson and D... guess who?

They first single was a cover version of Bryan Adams hit All for love and it was a new number one on the swedish charts. So were the following singles Jennie let me love you & Alone and the album A State Of Mind, which includes another great cover, You, originally by Ten Sharp, but the dance sounds were all gone : the trio were all in for mainstream MOR success and the album full of romantic ballads and pop/rock numbers to make the heart of the swedish girls melt in tour. Maybe the purpose was to make them a greater fanbase, I don't know but I'm glad Danny returned back to his solo career in dance music as he released Set your body free after Christmas 2008 with the opening single Radio.

Starting with piano notes, Radio builds up into a pure dance/nrg anthem and the rest of the album follows. Danny's new single All on you is made by none other than The Attic and is pure disco-housed dancepop like they know how to do. Emely is very reminiscent of Abba, which is a must-have in every swedish album, but there's a little bit of R&B flavour added to the dance bits too, on Andreas Carlsson's Utopia for example, which can only be the next single, or Schitzophrenia and Just like that where Danny does his best Justin Timberlake. The latter or Set your body free could easily be further singles too. While I'm talking of singles, shall I say that Tokyo and the duet version of If only you have been included at the end of the CD after the 12 new songs and that an acoustic version of Radio can be downloaded as a bonus from iTunes.

You can go check him further at his site too

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