dimanche 16 janvier 2011

Same Difference's second album ...soon !

On 7th February will be released Same Difference's second album, called The rest is history.

Made of siblings Sean and Sarah Smith, the duo finished third in the UK X-Factor series in 2007. Their first album Pop was certified gold but didn't reached the goal Sony/Syco had in mind with the single We R one only reaching #13 in the UK charts. It features their cover versions of High School Musical's Breaking free and Starship's Nothing's gonna stop us now they sang on the show, as well as the Stock/Aitken/Waterman penned Hazell Dean/Kylie Minogue song from the 80's Turn it into love mixed with pure pop cheesy songs most recorded with sweden producers.

Sean and Sarah turned the X-Factor/Syco page and signed to a new UK label, PopLife, that features as A&R Ian Usher, a SAW/PWL fan who works on the Cherry Pop re-releases too, which means pop quality guaranteed to my ears. They recorded with ex-Pete Waterman partners Mark Topham & Karl Twigg (the duo behind most of Steps hits) first then with Pete Hammond, Dave Ford & Ian Curnow, other PWL stars, as well as sweden 3 stars producers like Anders Hanson (he worked with Alexander Bard and produced Agnes' crossover album) or Tony Nilsson.

The first single didn't do well in the UK charts (#100) last September but Shine on forever (photo frame) was a perfect introduction to their new dance/pop sound and it is not easy nowadays for a small label to conqueer mainstream charts for sure ! With great Riffs & Rays, Thin Red Men and Matt Pop remixes, it cliked nevertheless in the clubs and all pop addicts must be awaiting their new album with anticipation.

Here is the tracklisting :
01 Souled out a pure Steps dance/hi-nrg anthem produced by Topham & Twigg with co-writing by Yamit Mamo
02 Euphoria another perfect dance anthem produced by Topham & Twigg with co-writing by Nathan Thomas
03 Karma karma (feat. Alcazar) a latin dance/pop jewel co-written & produced by Anders Hansson with Le Kid
04 The rest is history a powerful midtempo produced by Tony Nilsson & co-written with Hanne Sorvaag
05 Shine on forever (photo frame) the John Myers co-written & produced first single
06 Waiting for the moment a disco pop uptempo
07 Best mistake a full on retro disco stomper !
08 This is me the only ballad of the album, written & produced by Ian Curnow & Dave Ford with Cathy Dennis' sister Georgie
09 Emotion another powerful midtempo
10 Superstar another catchy upbeat pop number produced by Dave Ford & Ian Curnow
11 Heartbeat a pure pwl retro-inspired pop anthem produced and co-written by Pete Hammond with the duo & Georgie Dennis
12 Broken memories a cooler way to end the album with a pleasant midtempo

From the preview megamix below it sounds promising and I CAN'T WAIT for it ! Expect a full review when I got the CD in my hands...

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