lundi 21 mars 2011

Love Hangover revamped with Muscles

The latest release that can fit in the Porn-to-Music theme I have developped from time to time on my blog is for another american porn star, Zeb Atlas, a beefed up former bodybuiler who has made himself a name in the porn industry (either hetero and gay) after what looks like oiling up his big muscles in the lockerrooms for years.

He first had a joint-venture in the music bizz last year when he appeared in the video for Pearly Gates single Stop for love in 2009, for the independant record label Night Dance Records. He starred as the young love interest of the cougar lady and his flesh had a little sur-exposure in this video, sure with the intention to appeal to cougar women or grab the pink dollars, while Pearly's first fans were the ones who still had an interest for Motown/Northern Soul music. The experience must have been a good one as he is now the lead singer of his own single, a cover version of Diana Ross' Love hangover disco hit, along the same Pearly Gates who is credited as a featuring and whose vocals are largely used, with the same team on production and with remixes by disco/house producer Laurent Schark, who is now the co-producer of Soren Jensen, founder of Night Dance Records, since his previous music partner Clive Scott died.

The music video hit the internet last month and made the buzz on multiple blogs and forums worldwide long before the single was digitally available, but now that it's been released on all usual digital download platforms, I truely hope for my friend Soren that this talked-about release will get him and his label more exposure. It might be the breakthrough single Night Dance Records needed to grow bigger maybe ? Not all critics were good though, and I must admit Zeb Atlas' talent is not his vocal range, which must not grow with the muscles, but his vocals are good enough for me, supported by Pearly Gates backing vocals and the nice disco/house arrangements. I especially like it when he says "sing it for me Pearly" with his low masculine vocal while Pearly's adlibs.

As I always like to have a new cover version of a song I like, I naturally downloaded my single, but I understand some purists must go insane saying this version is a crime against the original... For those who only like the original singers/versions, they should not try to hear the new revamps and let them exist for those like me who like their taste of new cheesy house. In fact, this single sounds like the perfect hit Zeb would gogo-dance to in the clubs where he could be doing live shows, showing off his muscular body and biceps (damn : they look bigger than my legs!).

If you like what you hear/see below, I can only ask you to buy it online to support the men behind the music, who are not a big company but music fans who dedicate their living to recreate the magic that once had them fall in love with music.

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  1. those critics who have been harsh about this track need to take a step back and leave those of us who enjoy the track for what it was intended for light hearted fun and good humour,zeb obviously had great fun doing it and pearly is an angel,whos longevity on the music scene in my view makes her the awesome diva she is,go make more beautiful fun music guys regards ian(