dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Velvet's comeback single, finally

It has been two years that swedish pop/dance act Velvet (aka Jenny Pettersson) released her second album The Queen that included loads of hitsingles and ultra good valued pop. She was featured on BWO's international version of their single Right here, right now, duetted with Linda Bengzing on another single, Victorious, but she failed to regain the success she had with Take my body close, Deja vu, Fix me, The queen or Chemistry, which was remixed by Pete Hammond in his famous PWL retro style.
Her new solo single, Love struck first leaked on the net late September 2011 but now has finally come the time for it to hit the charts with its official video release. I really hope it is the start of heavy promotion that will lead her back into dance charts Top10s and make way for a third album as I really like her voice and style. The promo release featured the Pitchline extended version as well as a 7th Heaven remix and I hope a radio edit of that heaven-made full epic masterpiece gets a release for download too.

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