mercredi 6 juin 2012

Peter Wilson's forthcoming third album keeps bringing PWL memories back to our ears :)

After Follow me in 2007 and Stereo last year, aussie boy and Stock Aitken & Waterman fan, singer, songwriter & producer Peter Wilson will release his third album on July 9th and from the sample video below, it still sounds in the same retro hi-NRG dance/pop as its previous offerings, not a thing that I will ever complain for...
The album is called Laser Light and features new production work by ex PWL partners Pete Hammond, Dave Ford & Ian Curnow along S/A/W inspired Matt Pop or Parralox's aussie man John Von Ahlen, with Peter Wilson's own T1 music partner Chris Richards. The tracklisting for the double CD looks particularly promising, including his previous fabulous & addictive single Broken man as well as the latest one Take me as I am and a full set of remixes and bonus tracks and I CAN'T WAIT !!!

Love overload
Take me as I am (by Dave Ford & Ian Curnow)
Love me like a machine
Broken man (by Pete Hammond)
When love is said and done
Without you
Laser light
Every little bit of my heart  (by Ian Curnow)
Endless road
Broken man (Pete Hammond "Lonely Hearts" mix)
Don't let me go
Love you more
Broken man (Matt Pop's full cry epic)
Take me as I am (Almighty dub)
Twenty four seven (Pete Hammond "London Bridge" mix)
Love me like a machine (Poison Beat remix)
Every little bit of my heart (extended version)
You better not fool around (Pete Hammond instrumental)
Twenty four seven (Pete Hammond instrumental)
Broken man (original demo)
Ain't no cure (Stock Aitken Waterman / Bananarama cover version)

The album will be available for order via

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  1. Je viens de recevoir le CD commandé sur Energise Records et il n'arrête pas de tourner depuis !