vendredi 8 juillet 2011

I'm glad The Wanted come back with brand new summer single !

Next week in Great Britain will see UK's latest boysband sensation The Wanted release their fifth single, Glad you came, after their previous one Gold forever charted at #3 in March. It has been written by the same winning team of producer Steve Mac and co-writers Wayne Hector and Ed Drewett, who gave them their number one debut single All time low, but even though it all starts like their usual power ballad with Max George's beautiful and recognizable voice going all melancholic, it soon evolves into an Ibiza inspired clubbby summer anthem.
I have to admit its dance rhythm got me on my nerves the first time I heard it ; I thought it sounded cheap and very irritating... I must say it is only addictive in fact ! I'm now totally hooked on this party song and I would have happily danced along the five boys in the spanish island where its video has been recorded. All festive and feel-good, the song and the video see the five boys share the vocals and for once, Max George's are put aside in the intro and end chorus only. It is Nathan who sings the first verse with Tom following on pre-chorus before all five guys joining forces for massive chorus lines. Then Siva takes the lead (for once) for second verse, but I have now noticed it is the first verse's lyrics all repeated once more, and Nathan makes the pre-chorus his before second chorus and sing-along stadium chants Woh oh wohoh... that gives even more power to the song and make me want to jump on my two feet with my hands in the air to party and celebrate all night and all summer long ! Jay doesn't have a solo part but I recognize him in the choruses more than the others and Max takes back the lead for a last chorus all calmed down and melancholic like the intro was. With the video's storyline, showing all boys at sunset or sunrise during the intro, partying, playing football on the beach and seducing girls all day long in Ibiza's villa while the party verses & choruses play and finally waking up in the pale morning with some girl at their side while the song fades, I agree the song's rhythm matches the video very well and gives it a brilliant touch.
The only let-down may be the lyrics : after all, there is only one chorus, going "The sun goes down, the stars come out and all that counts is here and now. My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came...", only one verse, made of four lines, and a only one pre-chorus where, like for 80's french hit Confidence pour confidence, every line's first word is the last one from the previous line, giving them a repetition catchy effect. I would have loved to see different lyrics build up the second part fo the song instead of having the first ones simply repeated sung by another boy. But there's no doubt the catchiness of the song stays intact and it makes it easier to memorize the song to sing along to it, for sure !
There is apparently an Alex Gaudino club remix and I hope the single is going to enter the UK charts next sunday (17th of July) at a high placing, maybe at number one, because it could easily be the summer hit it is intended to be, and that would launch the boys' second album to follow in autumn and empowers their career a little bit more.

Shall I say I cannot get enough of Max's expressive vocal on the intro & end bits ? I like him in The Wanted but when the five lads will decide to call it a day, I really hope he will start a solo career because his voice is too good to be lost...

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