vendredi 29 juillet 2011

Kim Wilde's soon back with a cover album

80's UK blonde diva Kim Wilde is releasing a new album on 26th of August in Germany, soon after her last one Come out and play from 2010 and after she came back to the music scene in 2006 with Never say never, and this time, it is not her own songs that she's re-recording, but a mixed bag of hits from the 70's to the 90's and even a Cathy Dennis penned song from 2007. The new album is called Snapshots and the first single off it is her take on East 17's 1993 Harding/Curnow produced hit It's alright, which reached #3 in the UK charts at the time. You can find below the video for it and the album's tracklisting :

01/ It’s Alright (East 17)
02/ In Between days (The Cure)
03/ About You Now (The Sugababes)
04/ Sleeping Satellite (Tasmin Archer)
05/ To France (Mike Oldfield)
06/ A Little Respect (Erasure)
07/ Remember Me (Diana Ross)
08/ Anyone Who Had A Heart (Cilla Black)
09/ Wonderful Life (Black)
10/ They Don’t Know (Kirsty Mc Coll)
11/ Beautiful Ones (Suede)
12/ Just What I Needed (The Cars)
13/ Ever Fallen In Love (The Buzzcocks)
14/ Kooks (David Bowie)

I have to admit I don't really know the last part of the songs' list but I'm particularly anticipating her cover versions of Sleeping Satellite, Wonderful life, A little respect and even About you now. She's gotta surprise me with Remember me, Anyone who had a heart and To France and I guess I'll just have to discover the other ones as new songs as, by their title, I don't think I know them...
I can only wish her big success with this cash-in album, so that we can see her get back into a successful era like when she was an opening act for Michael Jackson in the 80's, with her hits You came, Kids in America or You keep me hangin' on.

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