dimanche 24 juillet 2011

The Saturdays' new single "All Fired Up" sounds like a future UK#1

Looking back at what their mutual management have done with The Wanted's Glad you came, I understand that they work the same way for The Saturdays' new single, All fired up, to be released after the holidays, at the start of September, which means extensive promotion all summer long to guarantee a huge demand for the single to get as much legal downloads as possible as soon as it gets released, which is what has given Glad you came its number one entry in the UK charts two weeks ago.
All fired up, which has been produced by the Xenomania team responsible for nearly all the hits from Girls Aloud, is a full on clubby anthem that should get playlisted by every club & dance radio during the summer for sure and I can't see anything but another hit for the girls. It has an same infectious beat that makes you want to party all night long and a repetitive chorus and song structure that allows listeners to sing along and get addicted to it. I am for sure !

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