dimanche 18 décembre 2011

The Saturdays' new album got me all fired up !

On your radar, The Saturdays' 3rd studio album (4th if their Headlines! 8 tracks EP counts as one...) has been released for a while now and despite my addiction to it, I still hadn't posted about it... Christmas overloaded rush of releases must be in cause ! With this new CD, the UK girls really take their place in the music scene and perfectly fit to replace Girls Aloud as UK's number one girls band.
The album starts with All fired up, their previous Xenomania written/produced single that gave them a #3 UK hit late September. This repetitive overheated techno/dance uptempo really puts your heart in a trance with its addictive beat and sexy vocals. I especially like the song's ending with the "keep me on your radar" vocal lines that gives its title to their album. Notorious follows and it is hard to believe it only reached #8 when released in May... Penned by top producer Steve Mac with Ina Wroldsen, this electro/dance song was their turnover single, the one that saw them turn into sexy club kittens but in truth, it wasn't as addictive as All fired up.
The same team gave them the following track and possible single, Faster, as it was announced as fourth single before switching with another one. It is another uptempo club song that has got a killer chorus and nice vocals. The slowed down bridge though, with its chaotic, nearly drum-n-bass backing, has got to be erased/replaced for a single release because it loses the track's intensity.
Current single My heart takes over is the third track in a row to be written by Mac/Wroldsen but this time, it is a watered down ballad that has got a power chorus though. It sounds good and really shows the girls' diva vocal abilities but it sounds like the "old" Saturdays the song sounds too average to really fit in the bill for a hit single, even in Christmas sales, and the UK buyers only made it #15... It is a shame because it has got really good club remixes by Digital Dog, Soul Seekerz or Oxford Hustlers.
Get ready, get set brings back the beat and it is another Xenomania song/production that is co-written by the girls and ...It sounds like All fired up, part 2, except the chorus line that sticks to my head is "the one I want, I want...", not the title line. The girls really have another club banger in their hands with this one and I can't imagine them doin' nothin' else live but lapdancing all through this sexy number ! But next is the tentative fourth single, The way you watch me, that features Travie McCoy on rap bits. Produced & written by Lucas Secon, this sweet dance/R&B track could easily sound a bit more like Rihanna, but without the sultry raw bitchy side ; it is all sweet and sensual, not nasty, but it has a good disco beat and a memorable chorus, plus the rap featuring will for sure help them get back in the UK Top10. I'm curious though to hear remixes for it ; the original production will be hard to top.
The mood slows down again for track #7, and another song the 5 girls co-wrote with the producer David Eriksen. But For myself is a grower and when the chorus comes, it has become a full uptempo dance song with a catchy "I want you for myself" chorus line. A nice childish piano starts the following Do what you want with me before the vocals belt out and this Bryn Christopher UK garage inspired popsong sounds nice but rather odd, maybe less straightened pop and a lil' more underground-ish for my tastes ? It showcases the girls powerful vocals though and proves they can do more than endlessly repeat the same formula.
Promise me is another dance/club anthem that has been co-written by The Saturdays with UK producers Tracklacers and it is a strong album track. Same team on board for writing Wish I didn't know even though this time it is for a mellow soulish mid-tempo ballad with powerful chorus and it hasbeen produced by someone one else : pure album filler this time I'm afraid...
White lies' first electro notes play and I can't help thinkin' it sounds like Mika's Elle me dit arrangements. It soon evolves differently but it has the same inspiration I guess. Written & produced by swedish Carl Falk & Rami with Ina Wroldsen, it has what it takes to become a single I think : good killer beat, electro arrangements, uplifting catchy chorus and good nasty vocals. It would have fitted better ahead in the CD's tracklisting to me !
Tender piano notes follows and Last call is a beautiful big ballad the girls wrote with the man who produced Wish I didn't know, Charlie Holmes, and Lucie Silvas. It is all lovely and warm, and this time it sounds perfect and well deserved as final goodbye track of the international tracklisting.
The UK CD gives us two bonus tracks and the first one, I say OK is another collaboration with David Eriksen, and another electro/dance club sounding track, except when the chorus comes, it all sounds like an Ibiza inspired hands-in-the-air feelgood balaeric party song ; a bonus song I couldn't do without for sure ! And the same applies to final track Move on U that is co-written and produced by ex PWL partners Julian Gingell & Barry Stone (previously known as Jewels & Stone) under their new moniker The Alias. It is a very good dance/pop song that keeps up with the intention The Saturdays have to make us move our feet and shake our ass till the last seconds of their CD.
It is a shame they haven't had more production credits on the album because The Alias' latest work for the girls was only displayed as Bside bonus material on their singles : first there was the addictive clubby Not that kinda girl on the Notorious CDsingle. Then, the Rihanna-inspired Ladykiller on the All fired up CDsingle, all techno/R&B, bouncy and straightforward, with its killer beat and perfect chorus, with memorable vocal chant and electro bits. Both should have made the final album tracklisting as more bonuses !!! Imagine those who don't have these singles and don't know these tracks : I don't know how they can live without it LOL. Na, seriously, both songs were produced by the ex PWL guys and co-written witht he girls and were good enough to make it to the album for me ; both could have been singles in their own rights too !
So now I must have put some curiosity in mind, please go check this album online and order yourself a copy : it seems it has been nice-priced for Christmas (£6.99 on Amazon.co.uk for now) so you can't pass on it !

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