lundi 16 avril 2012

Peter Wilson comes back with a SMASH !

Australia's biggest openly Stock Aitken & Waterman addicted pop singer & producer Peter Wilson has just released digitally his new single Broken man and it sounds as if it was 1989 back again ! It does sound like his most effective SAW tribute ever, even though previous works from him already sounded a lot like what every PWL fan wanted to hear.
But this time, it's a real SMASH he's got in his hands and every single boy and girl in the world that has been addicted to the Hit Factory's releases back in the 80's and 90's must not pass on this new single. The magic touch is that Peter Wilson has brought in the mix no-one but Mr MixMaster himself, Pete Hammond, to co-write, produce and mix the song for him, and as you should know by his retro remixes of the latest years, Pete Hammond still has the midas touch he had in the PWL studios' years to make every tune magic and Broken man touches every button right in the right place !

As soon as the intro starts, we know this song is a pure hit, 3'36 of SAW heavenly bliss that will get every member of the Hit Factory forum has an overuse of the repeat button of every media this song will be played on. It has a strong chorus, a killer rhythm and arrangements in the hi-nrg/dance way Stock Aitken & Waterman used to produce their hits back in between 1987 and 1990.
Kids and rockers surely will say it sounds naff and old-fashioned but every hi-nrg/pop lover around the world will be overwhelmed by the happy feeling this song will enhance under his skin, the kind of feeling every new PWL release used to put me under back in the days, a mix between excitation and intense pleasure, the kind of enjoyment that can last so much longer than a physical orgasm, but with the same intensity. I'M NOT JOKING ! This song is endorphine for the ears, the heart and the feet.

For old music perverts like I am, a manufactured CDR is even available from the label's site ( to order via Paypal and it is so valuable that it includes a full length extra mix by Pete Hammond. Here is the tracklisting :
1/ Broken man radio mix by Pete Hammond 3:36
2/ Broken man Sleazesisters radio mix 2:44
3/ Broken man Pete Hammond's lonely hearts mix 7:36
4/ Broken man Matt Pop's full cry epic 8:01
5/ Broken man Sleazesisters Platinum club mix 5:14
6/ Broken man Pete Hammond you sing mix 7:31 *
* exclusive to the physical version on CDR
While all three Pete Hammond mixes enlighten the song with retro sound from 1988/89, Matt Pop's remix takes the song into a younger revival sound, say 1990/92, mixed with some spacial/Robert Miles atmosphere. Pete Martine & James St James (the Sleazesisters duo) make it even trendier with a full electro/techno clubby 1998/99 sound that brings acid/house inspiration in the mix too.
A Matt Pop's radio mix would have fitted the package perfectly for the "radio-edit" adict that I am but I suspect it could be included on Peter Wilson's next single release that should follow in June, just prior his third album release, Laser light, that will include more production work by Pete Hammond, Dave Ford & Ian Curnow, Matt Pop & John Von Ahlen, the man from the aussie retro synthpop superband Parralox.

Finally, I cannot not talk about the cover art of this single that is the best ever Mr. Pete Wilson has managed to release for me : The black & white photo is simple but nice and he looks so much gorgeous and appealing in this white shirt with tie than in his loose T-shirt and pale skin from the Twenty four seven covers. The new logo, all in orange, black & white is great too, and reminds me of the first Rick Astley singles' logos.
I CAN'T WAIT FOR LASER LIGHT TO BE RELEASED JUST IN TIME BEFORE SUMMER ! I'll overplay Broken man just to help me wait...
There is no video for the song yet but here is a short snippet :

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