dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Girls Aloud are back with "Something new"

UK's finest girlsband since the Spice Girls are back with a brand new single from a forthcoming new Best Of titled Ten that should celebrate their ten years in the business since they hum... - lost - the Popstars the rivals series... Something new just sounds as fresh and Girls Aloud as when they parted to go solo. Cheryl has released 3 albums, Nadine has flopped with hers and Nicola got good reviews but poor sales, while the two remaining ones only had featurings.
Now they've recorded four new songs to fill in a new compilation and the first one, written and produced as most of their material by Brian Higgins and his Xenomania team is just a smash you can't snob ! At first listen, there's too much rap and strange changing rhythms but as always with Xenomania, it is as if 3 different songs had been mixed into one another to only keep the best out of them and Something new is really addictive as hell ! I can't stop singing one of its chorus line since I have heard it first yesterday : "All I want is something new, something I could hold on to..."
Sure the girls have a new UK number one in their hands and I can't wait for the official release. I will buy me their new 2CD limited edition without a doubt. May I relate a bunch of remixes have been commissionned and while Julian Gingell & Barry Stone (of their PWL Jewels & Stone fame) have supplied a radio and an extended The Alias trendy remix, Fred Falke has destructured the song into a dreamy trance-ish epic mix. Jim Eliot, Manhattan Clique and Seamus Haji have worked on it too, but I suspect the original version will be the one I like best as it sounds just perfect, full of energy and positivity and attitude ! Check by yourself...

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