mardi 23 octobre 2012

Zillions of new CDs for Christmas rush...

Christmas times are coming soon and the end of the year's rush release schedule is over booked in my own lil' music world : too many releases that interest me so some I will postpone the buying and others I will not be able to do without as soon as they get released ; just see for yourself :


DELTA GOODREM Children Of The Universe
We've waited for her fourth album since 2008 and I've liked her latest single so I may buy it on australian import, I suppose
LAWSON Chapman Square
new english boysband that sounds just as good as The Wanted's first album, solid pop/rock with dance appeal
LEMAR Invincible
my CD is already on its delivery way; the first single was so damn good, despite a low chart placing in the UK, that I've bought it with eyes closed
The quintet has just released his second album of vocal harmonies mixed with retro pop


good singles but I'm not sure about a full album yet
KYLIE MINOGUE The Abbey Road Sessions
I CAN'T WAIT !!!! all her hits in strings/orchestral new versions... the only question is which version shall I buy and from where ? the Australian and Japanese Cds will have one different bonus track... but they may be a lot more expensive than the standard international one...
That UK X-Factor man has spread his wings and fly now away from the SyCo standards : I'll check how it sounds before thinking of buying it for sure...
That man has good singles and knows how to write a song but I don't own a full album by him. This new one is said to be a sort of piece of art : I'll check it first !
PETER ANDRE Angels & Demons
I can't believe this man still releases music : I'll check it for a laugh but really doubt to buy it. I don't even remember why I have bought two Cds of him : Ah Yes, he used to work with Phil Harding & Ian Curnow of their PWL fame...
SANDRA Stay In Touch
Comeback of the century : the german songstress releases good ol' fashioned pop made by Blank & Jones that should sound as if it was 1988 again ...I can't wait !

2 or 5/11

ANASTACIA It's A Man's World
an album of male cover versions produced by Glen Ballard... i'm afraid she'll have too much testosterone in her voice for me on that one. I'd rather wait for her next forthcoming album of new material, scheduled for 2013...
BRIAN McFADDEN The Irish Connection
I have adored his third electro/pop album but that ex-Westlife boy seems to have gone back to pop/rock music... Have to check it first...
CELINE DION Sans attendre
it's been a long time our beloved Celine hasn't released some CD in french so I guess I'll buy it, listen to it and then give it to my mom :)
The new group of Calogero with Stanislas & Co should release his longplayer including some writing work from none other than Jean-Jacques Goldman...
JLS Evolutionthe X-Factor boys seem to have gone back to their R&B/soul roots : i'm afraid without the pop/dance appeal, they'll not win my buy but the single Hottest girl in the world is addictive though ; I'll have to check it to be sure : I own their 3 previous CDs...
I can't help myself : even if Robbie's music is not one I listen a lot : I'll buy it as I've done with all his studio albums : I like the man behind the artist and there's always enough good hits on each of his records to be worth the buy


The first single and cover artwork are enough to win my pennies on her comeback album ; I hope I won't be deceived as I've been with Bionic...
The boysband phenomenum irrites me but the boys sing good entertaining upbeat tunes so I guess I'll buy it when i see it at a nice price...
STEPS Light Up The WorldThe UK superstar band has reunited and they'll get my support, even if it's a Christmas themed album... the first single doesn't sound that festive after all : I only hope all the tracks are not ballads...
WHITNEY HOUSTON I Will Always Love You : The Best OfI already have one of her previous Greatest Hits collection, but just for one new unreleased song and the beautigul & magnificent cover, I'll buy this !


a compilation tribute album to the songs by Jean-Jacques Goldman of the 80's sung by the boys & girls of the new singin' generation : I will sure not miss this opportunity and buy it ASAP !
With one crazy new single and three more new songs on it, this new Greatest Hits from the UK greatest girlsband since the Spice Girls is sure to have my vote !
KELLY CLARKSON Greatest Hits : Chapter 1
This first US pop Idol star isn't big here in France but she's recorded some great tunes and a Best Of is just what I need to have her in my CDtheque
this new UK girlsband from last X-Factor season sounds like Girls Aloud lil' sisters so I'll first lend an ear then maybe buy it
another Uk new girls band, more street/R&B maybe for my tastes, but their cover versions of TLC's Waterfall is great and brings back good memories so maybe I'll buy it if it's cheap and nice after checkin' it

I am not a fan but wanted to talk about it as she is a good singer
OLLY MURS Right Place Right Time
Another UK X-Factor boy with his third album : I'll check if it's more to my tastes than his last one : I like his attitude and swing but it lacks some more dance/pop to really get me

KE$HA Warrior
I hope she hasn't gone too rocky so I may still buy it when it gets a re-release with added bonus tracks, as always...
I have already made an appointment with myself to go buy it straight after work on its day of release, for sure !!!!

Add to this already busy release schedule albums that have already been released in their nordik home countries but can be expected soon on an international level, or else, I'll grab them on import :
AGNES Veritas
ALPHABEAT Express Non Stop

And I don't even mention Taylor Swift's Red, Nolwenn Leroy, Patricia Kaas, Kaas Chante PiafJohnny Hallyday or Susan Boyle's fourth album, Standing ovation, similar in concept to MELANIE C's latest Stages musicals cover versions... ALIZÉE's 5th album has been postponed to be released in 2013 and a new AMEL BENT album should come one day or another too...

What would be your best wish to find under the Christmas tree ? If I'd have to pick just one, it'll be really hard...

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