dimanche 11 août 2013

Dannii Minogue's new comeback with a compilation... :(

I have just learned that Danni Minogue was going to come back with a brand new CD on 23rd of August, but it will only be with a new compilation album, This is it : the very best of, which will include only one single unreleased new track... :( Better than nothing I suppose but she's really a lazy people !! Her last studio albums is Neon nights from... 2003 ! Since then, she has only released compilations or revamped deluxe re-releases, or unreleased/demos compilations (Unleashed, The 1995 Sessions, The early years)... that I have all bought, and I will undoubtly buy this new one too, but come on, Dannii, make yourself a real recording deal with Warner for a full new studio album made of 100% hitsingle potential tracks and give it to us ASAP ! We need it... I Need it ! The whole world needs it !

This fourth Best of collection (The Singles in 1998, The Hits & Beyond in 2006, and Club Disco in 2007) covers all her carrier in chronological order and finishes with her duet with sister Kylie of 2008, The winner takes it all that appeared on the TV series Beautiful People soundtrack, and 'Coz you're beautiful, a new song penned with a spanish star in the making she coached on X-Factor. The CD version forgets 3 singles, This is the way, Get into you and Touch me like that to end at 21 tracks and it's a shame, especially the latter, which deserved its place over Show me the way to go if you ask me... But the digital version offers all 24 singles, except this tracklisting still forgets some singles : Love's on every corner, Everlasting night, Come and get it and I can't sleep at night as well as the two collaborations with Eurogroove... The cover artwork looks like it is in fact a low-budget compilation so I didn't expect to see hard licensing nor full completist tracklisting so all in all, it's not that bad I suppose !

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