vendredi 30 novembre 2007

Lorie goes Kylie

and sure it sounds better than before...

Some may have left Lorie like me while she released some music for teenies on her previous records.
But now things have changed.
She is a woman, not a girl.
No more french Britney, call in french Kylie!
No sex, just sexy
No trash, just classy
No R&Bish, just ElectroPop
and she comes back with such a GREAT single "Je vais vite", written & produced like most of her album by Mr. Frédéric Chateau (remember 80's hits "le malheur des uns et le bonheur des autres", "stop Lucie", "Les liaisons dangereuses", "Ferme les yeux", etc.), aka Asdorve (of Pascal Obispo's music team), aka half of Mademoiselle (remember electro "do you love me?"), aka the leader of 90's Foxalone poprock band, aka writer of summer hit "Hey arriba!" by Raydel... the list is endless! Frédéric Chateau is a major not-so-well face in France's music landslide.

Her single has been remixed by frenchie Benoît Courti, germans Spencer & Hill and english lads of Thriller Jill (Mr. Trouser Enthusiasts aka Ian Masterson & Terry Ronald with Paul Harris, who have worked with both Minogue sisters) and all mixes are great. The video looks like Kylie's "can't get you out of my head", very futuristic and technoïd, with lots of tektonic hip dance.

The album is mainly produced (and written/composed) by Fred Chateau, but not only and there's more international talent in there :
Thriller Jill boys are there on two tracks, "Le bonheur à tout prix!" (written with Richard X & Hannah Robinson) and "Pas un ange" with french lyrics by Thierry Sforza. Their collaboration must have been pleasant as Lorie is featured on their new project "2A.M." with a nice electro dance single "Lonely" where she laid the vocals and danced in the vid) to appear soon for the international market I hope... A snippet of it is to be seen on Ian masterson's myspace page here :
Swedish team is on board too with Hugo Lira on "L'accalmie". Star Academy vocal coach Jasmine Roy was there for Lorie's voice and Lorie even co-wrote some stuff.
Most interesting lyrics goes to "1 Garçon" where she tells her boyfriend she has noticed he has fallen in love with a boy and that it won't be the end of the world for her if he tells her the truth, some kind of "menage à trois" like Alcazar could have been singing in french...

10 songs out of 12 are upbeat and electro except for the first track, "2LOR en moi" (which could mean there's gold in her as well as two Lorie in herself) that is R&B like a shade of her past before turning the page to the new music on there.
It gets better with "Je vais vite" and "Play" but then the tempo slows down with a candy sweet ballad "On ne grandit vraiment jamais" that is out of place there right in the middle"... The other slower song "Loin des yeux" is greater and closes the tracklisting, which is perfect after 45' of tektonic dancing .
Other great tracks & potential singles are "1 Garçon" and "Avance encore" for me.

The booklet is classy with all lyrics and credits, thank you's and nice photos on a glossy paper and I can't help but ordering everyone to go to her page, take a listen and then buy it for a taste of good popdance made in France!

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