mercredi 21 novembre 2007

Spencer’s album : a dedication to SAW

Maybe Spencer and the Charlene & Scott muppets mean something for someone out there in UK or maybe Oz?

For me, it meant nothing except I remembered having seen Spencer's name associated to a cover of Jason Donovan so when I saw his album on eBay, I couldn't help but click on "buy it" as the tracklisting made me dream :
Jason Donovan's She's in love with you & When I get you alone along Adam Rickitt's Make me believe in love, Barry Stone's Never felt as good & Erasure's Oh l'amour... !

I received my CD today and as I'm listening to it, I can't help but think it's a very good SAW fans' selfmade dance pop collection (except for the slowed down part at the end) with good original songs too.

Production helps come from some well-known names from my Stock Aitken & Waterman's Hit Factory forum or MySpace friends (Steen Ulrich, SAW Surfers & Yisraelee) along main actors (Chris Daniels, Miles Young, & SoOutThere) so I thank them all for their dedication by writing some lines and promote their poptastic work...

As it's available for a nice price at I think you should all rush there and buy it like I did :)

My copy came with a promo page a la "Smash Hits" that made me have a good laugh too. Check the front page at

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