samedi 27 août 2011

Darren Hayes' new singles from forthcoming 4th solo album

While it is Black out the sun that will get a single release in the UK before his 4th album Secret codes and battleships gets released on October, 22th, it is another song that will beused to launch the album in Australia, called Bloodstained heart. Both songs sound like your usual Darren Hayes, romantic & melodramatic, made of what's not your usual middle of the road popsong, but I think Talk talk talk was a lot more instant. What I like with them though is that they do sound grandiloquent, with big strings arrangements that give them more power and beauty. The video for Black out the sun is nice too but I think Darren looks real thin and ill looking now... I think he should eat some more ; I can cook him a cupcake or two if he needs it :)

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  1. I don´t think a review about music should discuss the physical appearance of the singer....but ok..... And for the record, I think Darren looks gorgeous just the way he is. This is not professional at all!
    And honestly, the way this review is written, looks like it has been done by a 11 year old...
    I am 22 and learnt English a few years ago on my own and I write better than this.. And Darren said on his facebook that the album would be out on October 17th; not 22th....