dimanche 23 octobre 2011

Christmas' rush : too many albums releases to buy... !

I know the key moment in the year for the music market is the end of the year, from mid-Octobber to mid-December, so that the new CD album that is released can be bought for Christmas as a gift, but this year, there have been weeks or month without any album to be release I wanted to buy but right now and until the next few coming weeks, there are just too many ! I can't afford to buy them all as they get released ! And that is a shame... I'll have to choose which ones I want more than the others and I guess the losers will get bought at mid-prices or at eBay next year when the market will be dead again.
Just to share these deadlines with you, let's list them all :

first, those already available :
David Guetta Nothing but the beat (for this one, I'm waiting for the deluxe platinum re-edition #9, when the CD2 will be full of good dance/pop songs and not an instrumental electro bore...)
Melanie C The sea (waiting for a french release to see if it's better than the UK one or the german edition)
Darren Hayes Secret codes & battleships (I pre-ordered the 2CD edition and has just received the Amazon dispatch mail!)
Matt Cradle Letters (from the snippets I heard, I think I'll wait for January UK garbage sales to buy this one, too pop/rock for me for now on...)
Aqua Megalomania (waiting for a french release to buy it at my local store but may have to buy it on import via internet?)
Joe Jonas Fastlife (I have just received my CD so a full review may come soon...)
Steps The Ultimate collection (I have received my CD+DVD edition : I couldn't do without ! even though the package looks poor : errors in songwriters credits and very poor booklet : I wish it could have been released via Cherry Red Records !)
Nicola Roberts Cinderella's eyes (this one has yet to grab me... I hated Beat of my drum but like Lucky day... I think all depends on third single now!)
Le Kid Oh Alright! (I'm just waiting to find it at a nice price on the net to buy me this fabulous swedish only release!)

24/10 Releases :
Kelly Clarkson Stronger (I might pass on that one, she's always been too rock for me, unless previews make me change my mind)
Adam & Eve : the Musical (I'll wait for the re-release with all songs, like your usual Musical albums...)
Corneille Les inséparables (even though I like the electro/soul first single Le jour après la fin du monde, I'll wait till next single unless previews confirm this new dancier direction in Corneille's music)
Jeremy Amelin (his first album was said to be released, digitally only maybe : I'll have to check it even though his lates single Undone was bad...)

31/10 Releases :
Self Concept (finally, Michal releases his album under his new moniker : I'll buy it online for sure even though I bought his EP digitally already which means I already own half the songs... !)

07/11 Releases :

The Wanted Battleground (I'd definitely buy it on pre-order : I'm just waiting to fix which edition is available ; I'll choose the one with extra tracks!)
Inna Modja (I've liked French cancan and even more her new Les filles du Lido so I'll check the previews and may buy it from my local store between the fruits and water)

14/11 Releases :
JLS Jukebox (I'll sure buy it as I did for their two fuirst albums)
Parade (I like this new girlsband but may wait to find it on eBay...)
Pixie Lott Young Foolish Happy (I think I'll wait a little but sure will buy her second CD like I did for her first.)

21/11 Releases :
The Saturdays On your radar (I'll pre-order this one with the Wanted's one, as sure as 1+1=2 !)
Rihanna Talk that talk (A new Rihanna already? I'll listen to it first... she's startin' to really bore me...)
One Direction (Even though their first single was fine, I'll wait for January sales for it!)
Christophe Willem Prismophonic (I have already pre-ordered my deluxe edition on Christophe's shop-on-line)
Lorie Regarde-moi (I'll sure buy it asap !)
Chimène Badi Gospel & Soul (I'll wait on this one, not pleased with most of the chosen songs...)

28/11 Releases :
Amel Bent Délit mineur (not the one I'll buy asap but I may buy it before Christmas... depends on what's on my shoppping list)
O'Chi Brown remastered edition of her 80's first album with Stock Aitken & Waterman (I'll sure buy it on pre-order very soon !)
Olly Murs In case you didn't know (I'll check it before buying it in January maybe)
Eric Saade Saade vol. 2 (I'll buy it via cdon.com for sure, like I did with vol. 1 not that long ago)
Nolwenn Leroy Deluxed edition of her previous celtic album (even though I like her take on Moonlight shadow, I very doubt I'd buy it unless I find it at a VERY nice price)

Other forthcoming releases :
Matthew Raymond Barker (November but not a date... I hope it'll be released very soon though!)
David Morales Resurrection (I don't know when... but I'll buy it with eyes closed)
Taio Cruz
Kate Ryan Electroshock (apparently re-scheduled for a 2012 release...)
Charice Infinity (I want this CD, but wait for a better release than the japanese import...)
Leona Lewis Glassheart (scheduled for a 26/03/2012 release now, after Collide didn't live to their expectations...)

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