mercredi 12 octobre 2011

Lorie's comeback single, inspired by Dita von Teese

Lorie's soon back with a new CD album, Regarde-moi, set for release on the 21st of November, and by now, what's new is the video for the first single off it, Dita, which has been available on download since the end of August.
Inspired by the Burlesque pin-up artist of talent Dita von Teese, the song is composed by Frederic Chateau (aka Asdorve, who produced and wrote more than half her previous album of 2007, 2LOR en moi) with lyrics by Thierry Surgeon & Delphine Dobrinine. Musically, she sticks to the new sound she adopted on this previous album, moving away from being our french Britney to become some sort of our younger french Kylie... except on Dita, there are some oriental inspiration mixed to the electro pop/dance sounds. Even though it takes some time to get into it, her Dita is catchy enough and has finally won me, despite initial surprise. The chorus hook is inescapable, even though the line everybody will memorize (Juste un détail...) has nothing to do with the title of the song...
The video that has just been published is a full classy 5' film where Lorie goes retro becoming a bored housewife that films herself as a pin-up on her sofa, with other parts where Lorie shows she still can dance amongst gorgeous male dancers. The whole video is made as a promotion tool like Mylène Farmer used to do in the 80's, I mean, a cinema-inspired video for a pop song that is just the soundtrack of it. Lorie sexes her image up with this video, going further in the direction she intended with her previous work : she is no more a girl and is now a woman, with mature sound, electro/dance, and sexy attitude ; she even has a naked slaveboy that fans her in one short scene ! In the first dancing scene in the theatre's hall, I think her make-up and hairstyle looks as if she was the ex-pornstar Brigitte Lahaie but I don't think that's an intentional purpose to spice her image up though... And I bet the film ends with her current boyfriend, actor Philippe Bas, showing up his neck for the camera as her husband coming back to take profit of the sexy images she has filmed for him...
The whole thing teases me good for her soon-to-be released seventh studio album and I wonder if she has worked with english producers again or has sticked to Asdorve and co. No doubt, I'll let you know as soon as I get it for a full review ;) ! Till then, watch her fab video and listen to Dita.

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