samedi 29 octobre 2011

new cover version for an intemporal song that I can love more each time...

First time I heard Love U more was in 1992 when that song was released as new single from UK indie techno-band Sunscreem. I fell in love instantly with this uplifting aerial techno song that associated deep but simple meaningful lyrics, catchy electronical techno rythm, addictive beats and melody with Lucia Holm's delicate and powerful vocals. I put that song side to side to Opus III's It's a fine day from 1991 and it made me buy its mother album O3 that includes their other singles, Walk on, Pressure, Perfect motion and a techno cover of Marianne Faithful, Broken english. Love u more, was their biggest wordwide hit, although only a #23 UK hit during summer '92. It subsenquently became a dance song that has been covered many, many times.

First in 1998 by Pete Waterman's supergroup Steps on their first album Step One.
Then, in 2000, it was german dance act Rollergirl's turn to have her take on it. Another trance version was done years after by Bootz.
In 2007, it was redone in techno hardcore style by Speakerz! after scottish Public Domain did quite the same two years before. DJ Paul Estak also did a happy hardcore awful version but I shouldn't even mention this garbage!
Love U more got magnified in 2010 by house diva (and vocalist of Bimbo Jones) Katherine Ellis for Oxford Hustlers and Fierce Angels with the Club Junkies on the remix team.

It must have given an idea to new artist Sunday Girl, who sang on final track of Martin Solveig's latest album Smash!. She has just released the video for her own cover version of Love U more, to be released on 5th December with remixes by Buzz Junkies. Her original take is very reminiscent of Sunscreem's original version to my ears so, after all these remakes, I think this new one is a full tribute to the true spirit of the song, with today's sounds and electro/dance arrangements, and full respect to Lucia Holm.
What I regret on all these cover versions though is that the original lyrics, with words like sex or rape, are often(=always) replaced/toned down on these cover versions, as if only Lucia Holm could keep her original lyrics meaningful, or at least dare to sing them...
Here is the video for Sunday Girl's single and just below, the video for the original version by Sunscreem, plus the link to the unreleased Steps video for this could've-been single too :

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