samedi 29 octobre 2011

Electric Lady Lab does it again... and even better !

I have reviewed Electric Lady Lab's first album a couple of months ago and now is the time to talk about their new single and show you their beautiful new video for it.
The song is called Touch me and grounds heavily on A-ha's big hits from the 80's The sun always shines on TV. The music sample is used all through the song as musical background on which the danish duo has built a new song with new melody and lyrics, except the chorus goes Touch me as Morten Hackett used to go on this 80's intemporal gemm. His voice even melts with Stine Hjelm Jacobsen's in the middle of the song and serves as atmospheric bridge alone.
They already won the rights to use the Rhythm is a dancer sample on their single you and me. Now it is this A-ha sample, and it sounds great, even better used than the Snap! one ! I really hope this single could become available everywhere worldwide and could become a big hit for them, so that they could release a new album or an inetrnational version of their Flash! there. They deserve it. Everyone shall love their Touch me ! Because of that well-known notes, people will think they already know and love the song, and Stine vocals are beautiful and sexy, plus the full song is of high quality standard in pop, I think. Just take a look/listen below :

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