samedi 24 mars 2012

The Wanted breaks in the States

After One Direction's big breakthrough (#1 entry) in the US charts with their first album last week, soon is gonna be The Wanted's own little time of fame when their first US proper release, an eponyme 8 tracks EP including 4 of their previous singles, 3 new recordings and a song from Battleground remixed, will enter the charts on the 24th of April.

You will find below its complete tracklisting and I find it strange to finally see their StarGate produced collaboration song with Rihanna Jealousy appear without her featuring ; apparently the final mix didn't work with her vocals but the barbadian star gave them the song to be released solo...

All Time Low
02 Chasing the Sun
03 Glad You Came
04 Gold Forever
05 Invincible (feat. Dappy)
06 Jealousy
07 The Same Page
08 Lose My Mind

The other new tracks, The same page and Chasing the sun, are other "big names" collaboration works (Ryan Tedder for the first one, and british rapper Example for the latter), and I wonder which of these new tunes will be their next US single.

Another tentative tracklisting extends the EP to 10 songs by adding their latest UK single Warzone and their Diane Warren penned Rocket to the first 8. I hope this extended version will be the one released as I will doubtlessly buy this new CD on import asap, and even though I already own more than half the songs, this will make it look like a Greatest hits package. It is so good to see their fabulous UK "flop" single Lose my mind be included there, as well as Invincible, which I think should be their next single, remixed with a featuring rap by UK Dappy though.

Final thought : doesn't it look like from the cover image that Max George stands as the leader of the band for the US public eye ? I really hope the band's egos are okay with this cos I wouldn't want to see the boys part because of Max always being put so more in the limelights than the 4 others because of his look and recognizable voice...

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