dimanche 18 avril 2010

The Glee Cast comes back and they cover Madonna!

One of the few american TV series that I've taken pleasure pre-viewing all in english (with french subtitles I admit) is GLEE, the FOX musical comedy aired since 2009 that portrays the lifes of a handful of second-hand college kids singing in the glee club.
After 13 episodes, the first season has just started again in the US last week but the BIG event is next tuesday's episode #15 where the cast covers Madonna. The music will be available on iTunes before a physical CD (including their cover versions of Express yourself, Like a virgin or Like a prayer and more) and the video for Vogue has just appeard on YouTube and it's incredible !
I couldn't believe my eyes : seeing Jane Lynch (playing masculine coach Sue Sylvester in the series) pastiching Madonna looks CRAZY but it sounds good and I think it may be the first time Jane Lynch is given a song to sing on the show : thumbs up for her !!!

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