vendredi 30 avril 2010

History : Groove Armada's secret jewel

For once, it is not a full album review but a quick post about a song that I cannot get out of my head these days, that is even not a single (yet, for sure!).
The song is called History and it is the track that ends the latest album of eletronic combo Groove Armada, Black light. It is a mellow piece of vocal house, soulfull and moody, not really instant or pop but incredibly haunting : there's not a special chorus line that sticks to your head, it's the whole atmosphere of the song and its sound that warms your brain up and steal your memory. I listen to it on repeat since first get to hear it. The song melts different influences to me, either 80's pop a la Smalltown boy by Bronski Beat, the best of atmospheric soulful house and even trip hop.
The vocal parts are courtesy of soul/pop UK singer Will Young, winner of the first Pop Idol, who, after four studio albums, released last year his first Hits collection CD as a milestone to his career. I can only hope that his further recordings will belong to the sounds of History 'cos it is a lot less boring than his usual soul/easy listening MOR pop for mothers' day... The guy is nice, his got a great voice and I like him when he's given good pop songs but the material on his albums is usually very MOR. Now that we've had this track, he has settled his new standard bar level high, very HIGH !


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