mardi 14 février 2012

Andreas Lundstedt failed to go to Eurovision once again...

Andreas Lundstedt's 2012 attempt to go to the Eurovision song contest in Baku this year is a new solo effort, aside from his Alcazar disco/pop supergroup that has been very quiet lately, all sung in swedish and named Aldrig, aldrig. It failed to compete in the Melodifestivalen finale which will be held on 10 March in Stockholm.
Other popstars who were left out of their semi-finals this year are the ladies of Afro-Dite who reunited to sing a fabulous disco influenced The boy can dance, Marie Serneholt (from A-Teens) and a comeback single called Salt & pepper. His song suffered maybe to be sung in swedish, not english, and maybe this year Sweden want to get a place in the Top5 back. Other previous Eurovision stars will try to win their ticket in the following semi-finals and to name a few, Charlotte Perrelli with The girl (she won with Take me to your heaven), Danny Saucedo with Amazing or Andreas Johnson with Lovelight. Newcomers will try to attract the limelights and get a hit at least by competing in the Melodifestivalen, such as new boysband Youngblood with their eponyme song or Love Generation, the girlsband backed by Lady Gaga's producer RedOne.
Here is the video for Andreas' new song and I like them both : the song is haunting pop although darker than the usual Alcazar stuff while the video looks low-budget but with enough appeal not to bore... I hope it will be the real start of a solo career for the swedish man. What do you think ?

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