jeudi 27 mai 2010

Ysa Ferrer comes back with a FRENCH KISS

Ysa Ferrer comes back with a brand new single, French kiss, produced by none other than Chew Fu who recently remixed Rihanna's whole Rated R album after Lady Gaga and many other international stars.
The song has a KILLER chorus in english mixed with a little of french (like the verses' lyrics) that should let her get international airplay. It's repetitive enough to gets into your head and never let go till your singin' along while movin' and dancin' to the music, which is electro disco dance at its best !
It is her first new song from her forthcoming 4th album Ultra Ferrer, to be released in next September. I CAN'T WAIT !

You can preview it here :

and DOWNLOAD it there :



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