vendredi 24 juin 2011

Darren Hayes' return will make me Talk talk talk

After a hiatus between his third album This delicate thing we've made from 2007 and his collaboration with Robert Conley for the free downloadable We Are Smug 2009 album, Darren Hayes is making his comeback with a brand new single called Talk talk talk and his video below is gorgeous, but still not as much as the song itself, which is catchy and an instant hit in my heart from its first listen !
Penned with Carl Falk, it has been released today on digital download with Madonna's Angel song as a bonus song
It is a first preview of Darren's forthcoming fourth solo album and I can't help thinking his solo work keeps on getting better with each new album ; Spin took off where Savage Garden had left, The tension and the spark let him go further into his own inspiration but maybe too uncommercial, and This delicate thing we've made was for me his work of art ! Maybe Secret codes and battleships that is to be released in October will please me even more than his latter double CD... Only time will tell but for now, I think Talk talk talk is gonna stay a while stucked in inside my head. I feel it is good material for dance remixes too and I can't wait until the end of July for the 7th Heaven/Club Junkies and Fred Falke remixes to be available !

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