jeudi 8 février 2007

Nemesis or the return of Savage Garden

A couple of days ago, when I followed the link to the video of the first Nemesis single "Number one in heaven", I thought "hey! Savage Garden have re-united but why did they change their name?" Then, looking closely at the video player on my computer, I realized my mistake...
They look like them, they sound like them, they work with the Almighty remix team like them but Darren Hayes & Daniel Jones they're NOT!

So I searched my Wikipedia to find out that Nemesis are twin brothers Joshua & Jacob (the blond). They're american from Montana, born of Jehovah witnesses parents and to launch their career, they've appeared in a real TV program called "Nemesis Rising" where during seven episodes, they've made their coming out to their family and, from then, have been promoted by their record company as a gay act.
That led them to be excommunicated by the Jehovah's Witnesses as homosexuality is considered a sin ( sigh!) but they may survive this shock 'cos their first single is out and is number one in God's heavenliPod .

You can check it out on iTunes where the single, the numerous remixes and some other exclusive tracks are available and a forthcoming album 'Rise up" is to follow.

Tracks can be previewed on the twins' official site or on their MySpace page but compared to the single, I have to admit that the other tracks sound pleasant but nothing special, and maybe too american pop-rock for my tastes.
What's interesting though is that Curb Records have managed these years to have some of their artists remixed by the crème de la crème of dance remixers and Nemesis are just next.

In fact, "Number one in heaven" didn't need that because its original version is already a pure moment of pop momentum with good verses and a killer chorus you can't help but sing-a-long all day after just one listen.
But I won't complain anyway as they've invited mix maestros on board :
On the US map, there's Tracy Young (she's dealt a lot with Madonna recently), Dave Audé (he got his hands on Sting for example) and Curb affiliates Matt Bronleewe & Jeremy Bose (they worked for Curb's star LeAnn Rimes) and from old Europe, Soul Seekerz (Dannii's "Perfection", that was them) and our beloved gayfest-ish Almighty (just to name a few, they remixed Pet Shop Boys, Cher, Kylie Minogue or Savage Garden...)

Remixes are available in radio edits as well as extended so everybody should get lucky at the end of its shopping at iTunes. I confess I love edits best 'cos a good pop song should clock at a max 4' for me but hey, like a friend of mine recently said to me, you gotta have longer remixes for the clubs... shout-out to "K"!

What else? I hope this song will get them the stardom an openly gay singing act should deserve. I hope Curb will keep on having their material remixed by the best remixers around too but I'm confident in their future...

They must not have chosen their name by pure coincidence. In greek mythology, Nemesis was the goddess of revenge. She got two pairs of twin children from Zeus, two boys and two girls, and the boys were Castor and Pollux. Couldn't Jehovah's witnesses born twin brothers find a better name to become the gay band number one on earth ?

By the way, "Nemesis" is the name of one of the latest books my Sci-Fi forever God Isaac Asimov wrote back in 1989 too, where it was the name of a planet, so I guess It is just another sign that Nemesis' music has just to be all around the world ; it's written in the stars .

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