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Nouveau Visage for Nouveau Riche, a new face in the Army Of Lovers' children

Once upon a time, in a land where the snow covers the fields, there was a boy named Alexander who decided to be a pop star when he grow old. Not only has he decided to become a pop star but he wanted to leave his print on the worldwide music kingdom. In hope to conquer this crown, to find the Graal of the perfect song, he united a couple of friends around him.

Their names were Jean-Pierre & LaCamilla. They soon were joined by Michaela and Dominika and all together they recorded what will stay for ever as an anthology of pop heaven, glamour extravaganza & music luxury.
They were called Army Of Lovers and between 1990 to 1995, they released 4 albums and a greatest hits of pure bliss followed in 2001 by their anthology, "Le grand docu-soap".
You should remember them for their finest moments, from their universal hit "Crucified" to their carnaval-esque "Give my life", not forgetting the schizophonic "Obsession", the intimate "I am" or the orgasmic "Sexual revolution" and controversial "Israelism".

Who can forget a band that have put a dildo at the feet of a queen of Sabbah crucified on the sleeve of his final release?
Apparently, nor me, nor the rest of the world, for Alexander Bard's musical genius is still a source of inspiration for more decades to come.

After Army of Lovers disbanded, Alexander created, along with new vocalist Mattias Lindblom, Marina Schiptjenko and his music partner Anders Wollbeck, a new entity called Vacuum, leaving the extravaganza to concentrate on the music. They released two albums "The pluthonium cathedral" and "Seance at the chaebol" before nature calling was stronger and Alexander gave his wild midas touch back to a new swedish band fronted by gorgeous Andreas Lundstedt with angels Tess and Annikafiore. Alcazar was born!
And Alcazar was a pop Phoenix flying right to the top of the charts from the ashes of Army Of Lovers. "Crying at the discotheque", "Ritmo del amor", 'Don't leave me alone", "Sexual guarantee", all first singles had Bard's signature and even after Alcazar was joined by fourth member Magnus Carlsson and worked with other producers, the influence was recognizable...

In 2004, Alexander was busy elsewhere anyway as he reunited with Martina to create a new pop phenomenom around a new vocalist Martin Rolinksi, of recent swedish real TV stardom. They soon released the album of the year under the alias "Bodies Without Organs", later renamed BWO. There was 7 (!) singles released from "Prototype" : "Living in a fantasy", "Conquering America", "Sixteen tons of hardware", "Gone", "Open door", "Sunshine in the rain" and "Voodoo magic".
In 2006 they released their second opus "Halcyon days" along with singles "Temple of love", "We could be heroes", "Will my arms be strong enough" and the latest one "chariots of fire", with a new album of remixes "Halcyon nights".
For sure there are still plenty of pop gemms on "Halcyon days" that could be singles too... So beware! The next hit could be their cover of the Army Of Lovers track "Obsession" or the addictive "Juggernaut".

And what's all this subject about new face for new rich and so on then?
I've kept the best for last, sweetie...

Last in the raw to conquer the crown that the Army's left is "Nouveau Riche".
It's not really new in fact as their first single "Oh lord" was released at the end of November, 2005.
Started by Dominika Peczynski (of Army Of Lovers) and Ulrich Bermsjö, this duo climbed to the #7 of the swedish charts with their debut single, which was very pure pop but with a gospel flavoured inspiration in it too, like "Crucified" was.

Their second single, "Hardcore life" was released on 15th March 2006 but the departure of Dominika from the group just a couple of weeks before that date must have put trouble in the media campaign to promote it well. It is a shame cos' it was a step forward into pure bliss, with its synthe loops a la "I feel love" and a killer chorus. The verses reminded me a little of Dieter Bohlen too and none other than Stonebridge added remixes to the full package!

Now it seems like Ulrich recruited another beauty to re-vamp the duo and it looks like 2007 will be the year of their comeback, and greater success, with a new single "Angels" and for sure a forthcoming album "Matters of the heart".

The new face in Nouveau Riche is called Camilla Brinck and she already had her minute of fame in 2001 when her singles "Bye bye forever" and "Heaven" from her album called "Heaven" too charted in Sweden. She tried to get to Eurovision in 2005 by presenting her song "Jenny" to the swedish MelodiFestivalen but failed. She laid backing vocals on the "West End Girls goes petshopping" album last year too.

The new song, that Ulrich co-wrote with the two remaining boys of Vacuum, starts with a little piano and is a stormer ballad but you gotta check out the Soundfactory remixes too! Another song, "It's my party", which was to be the second single before being shelved for "Hardcore life", can be heard on their music player on their MySpace page so the less you can do is go check it out :
And if you want to see more of them (first and new visages), you can go to their old and new sites too :
I'd be happy to read what you think of their songs so don't be shy!

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