jeudi 17 mai 2012

Another Diva's gone in 2012 : Donna Summer R.I.P.

2012 looks like a sad year in our world of divas... After Whitney Houston previously, now is time for Donna Summer to leave us.
Today the Queen of Disco has died, at the very young age of 63, from Cancer. Life is a bitch for sure !
Although Donna Summer has been very quiet the latter years, she will always be remembered for her collaboration with Giorgio Moroder and her disco hits from the 70's, Love to love you baby, I feel love, Could it be magic, Love's unkind, Hot stuff, Bad girls, Heaven knows, On the radio, Last dance, No more tears (enough is enough), as well as her comebacks through the 80's, first in 1983 with She works hard for the money,
then in 1987 with Dinner with Gerschwin & All systems go, but she will always be cherished in my memory for her 1989 whole album with Stock Aitken & Waterman, Another place and time, which sent her back in the top of the charts with This time I know it's for real, I don't wanna get hurt and the wonderful Love's about to change my heart. Mike Stock said about her she was the most talented female vocalist he had ever worked with...
In the 90's, she recorded another album Mistaken identity in 1991 but then focused on one/off singles, like Carry on back with Giorgio Moroder or Melody of love (wanna be loved) with Clivillés & Cole & David Morales, then I will go with you (Con te partiro) and other dance singles for clubs but the last goods we heard from her was her 2008 full length CD Crayons, and it's a shame her recording career hasn't given us more music lately. Now it is the end, although I hope some recordings in the vaults are just waiting to be released.
Donna Summer may be dead but the Queen Of Disco will live forever in our CD/MP3players !

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